evans bitch
Mountain Man
Vital statistics
Full name: Tim "is gay" Guraedy
Gender: whatever evan wants it to be
Beard Color: the one evan likes
Date of Birth: 4/20/19XX
Spouse: evan thomas.
Occupation: Radio Host/raping boy/beta male/evans plaything
Quotes: "Willie gone wild."

"And Willie's starting to sweat now." "I am gay and I like long big cocks" "fuck me good evan."

Mountain Man aka Tim Guraedy, is a neighbor, and is the GAYEST CAST MEMBER NEXT TO PHIL THE "LIBERAL"ROBERTSON cast member who is not a Dick Assault employee.  He makes few, if any appearences onDuck Dynasty. He Always reveals his raging erection for evanon the show. Edit

Tim operates his own Gay brothel and co-hosts a radio talk show on KOKZ .

really loves evans mochachino beauty (that means dick for you straight folk out there)


    • Mountain Man is known for talking and cumming very fast his husband is just sad every time they fuck like evan man hes not the same mountain man was once a stallion now look at him a decrepit old man

Mountain Man likes Long Big Cocks and is Gay Gay Gay Edit


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